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Cast Your Care:
The Key to Harvest


Heaven is looking for joy. Without joy, we have no strength; without strength there is no presence of God, and our prayers are hindered. The flesh, our animal nature, uses care to attack our joy. Moreover, when we are in the flesh, we can’t bear up under pressure.

But, unlike animals, we have a choice. We can choose to cast our care; and when we do, we are in the spirit, then all of heaven will work on our behalf; and our prayers are unhindered.



We will either serve God or we will serve the enemy; based on the presence or absence of joy. Joy separates the men from the boys. According to the author, heaven is looking for joy. Without joy, we have no strength. Without strength, there is no presence of God; for the joy of the Lord is our strength. In other words, when we have joy, we have the strength of the Lord. The enemy of joy is care; like kryptonite, care softly weakens joy…before it steals, kills, and destroys the harvest.


Phoenix, AZ—Care is a mechanism that once it’s engaged, it dogs our trail. Because care comes in the form of knowledge that is pleasant to the soul, it is often not resisted. Yet it leaves its victims feeling hopeless, and in a state of confusion; with the harvest, that was rightfully theirs, stolen. In the book: Cast your Care, the author gives the reader wisdom that offers immediate insight on how to garner their inner strength to resist the assault waged against their joy. According to Carolyn Chambers, it is care that keeps the attack there. By keeping our joy, we can receive the end of our faith, and deliver our souls.


This book will:

† Identify three types of care

† Help you guard your heart

† Help you receive the end of your faith

† Help you keep your joy

Those with care are filled with pride and are being resisted by God, for they are leaning to their own understanding; moreover, only those with care can be devoured by the adversary. Care can be described as the pressure of the circumstance—the concern or the anxiety. And, very often, care manifests as shame, guilt, pain, unforgiveness, frustration, or even anger. According to the author, we must manage the situation, while standing against the pressure of that situation. The casting of care is akin to removing scales from a fish or dross from silver. For us, as individuals, it involves the renewing of the mind.

Readers' Remarks

“This book is very inspiring... I finished reading it in one day!”

“Outstanding!, Spiritually Uplifting!!! Cast Your Care is the Bomb! Anointed!”

“Thanks for sharing of yourself and God’s wisdom.”

“I never thought of breaking down how we deal with our worries in that method. It helped me to see how my thoughts were consuming and truly hindering my JOY and by ”casting my care” away, I realized how much those negative thoughts were zapping my energy and taking me places I didn’t want to be.”

“God has really gifted you with a special anointing for seeing things and sharing with others for clarity and understanding.”

“I really enjoyed the examples of personal experiences you gave... I got a clearer understanding of the scriptures 1 Peter 5:7 and Psalm 55:22.”

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